Meet Melvin: Investor Ready Case Study


Client Bio and Overview:

Melvin is a graphic designer.

Scenario Faced:

He wanted to learn how to invest in the stock market so that he could retire early.

Solution that We Used to Solve the Scenario:

Melvin invested his time into the Investor Ready Bundle video series, which delivered the following results:

  • Understanding of stock market terms
  • Software requirements for stock market investing
  • Understanding the proper timing of stock market purchases related to dividends
  • Increased confidence in making purchases as an investor.

Melvin's Feedback:

The trading strategies that I learned are going to enable me to minimize losses and generate significant gains. I'm more confident with the new investing skills that I've acquired.

I'm also excited about being able to have access to Anthony Financial IQ Rice's wisdom, even after viewing his video series. He will answer my emails and occasional texts, in 24 hours or less; and occasionally give phone support.

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