Meet Tonya: Investor Ready Case Study

Client Bio and Overview

Tonya is a media specialist based in North Carolina.

Scenario Faced

She has a significant understanding of financial markets outside of the stock market, but wanted a deeper knowledge of how to invest in the stock market.

Solution that We Used to Solve the Scenario

She invested her time into the Stock Market Level I and Stock Market Level II curriculum by way of one-on-one training, which delivered the following results:

  • Ability to purchase stock, independently without the assistance of a broker; which saves her 90% to 100% in trading fees.
  • Ability to evaluate stocks using financials and other market data.
  • Ability to determine whether to buy, hold, sell, or not buy; based on a combination of information obtained by the training that Anthony Financial IQ Rice offers.


Customer’s Feedback

I did a personal session with Anthony Financial IQ Rice and learned how to buy my own stock. It's an ongoing process of learning, but once you understand the  foundation and see your stocks working for you, your whole outlook on life changes.


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