Meet Terell: Investor Ready Case Study

Terell Testimonial

Client Bio and Overview:

Terell is a Maryland based health care professional.

Scenario Faced:

He wanted to learn how to invest in the stock market so that he could retire early.

Solution that We Used to Solve the Scenario:

Terell invested his time into the Investor Ready Bundle video series, which delivered the following results:

  • Understanding of stock market terms
  • Software requirements for stock market investing
  • Understanding the proper timing of stock market purchases related to dividends
  • Increased confidence in making purchases as an investor.

Terell’s Feedback:

I would see the stock market prices on the news, moving at the bottom of the screen. I rarely thought about investing, though, until recently, when I revaluated my retirement goals. I’m really excited about my investment future, now.

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