Meet Stephanie: Investor Ready Case Study


Scenario Faced:

Stephanie wanted to learn to invest in the stock market, so that she could raise enough funds to do more of the things that she enjoys in life.

Results of Attending the Webinar:

Stephanie invested her time into the Investor Ready Gold Webinar Package, which delivered the following results:

  • Able to make trades to capture profits, at her discretion.
  • Able to analyze company financials to determine what stocks are good and great, while avoiding bad stocks.
  • Can use trading techniques to minimize losses and increase gains.

Stephanie's Feedback:

The Investor Ready Gold Package Video is very informative. I'll be totally comfortable with trading stock, analyzing financials, and using trading strategies to maximize profits and minimize risk.

I'm also glad that Anthony Financial IQ Rice is available even after I viewed the video. He's offered me unlimited email support. If I email him a question, he will reply in 24 hours or less. He's also available by text, and occasionally by phone and video chat, or webinar. I'm really happy with this service.

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