Meet Ronald: Investor Ready Case Study

Client Bio and Overview

Ronald is a Maryland based veteran, who is an engineer.


Scenario Faced

He had some knowledge of stock market investing, but wanted a more thorough knowledge of how to invest.


Solution that We Used to Solve the Scenario

Ronald invested his time into the Stock Market Level One webinar, which delivered the following results:

  • He knows the accounts (and their requirements) that are needed to buy stock.
  • He’s able to buy, sell and hold stock.
  • He knows when to buy a stock to receive a dividend.


Customer Feedback

I attended the Stock Market Level One webinar by Anthony Financial IQ Rice, and learned a lot of great information!!! I learned about stocks (notably "blue chip" stocks) that pay dividends to shareholders; stocks like Proctor & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson that make common house hold items (soap, detergent, etc.) that people use daily. I was shown a company that pays a 3% dividend its shareholders, just for owning any amount of their stock. He broke everything down from how to physically buy the stock and the fees for each transaction, to understanding the difference between compound interest and simple interest!!! He also talked about limit orders and their benefits.  I like how he shared his screen with us to make the webinar more engaging and interactive.


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