Meet Darren: Investor Ready Case Study

Client Bio and Overview

Darren is based in Maryland.  He is the CEO of Digital Business Services.


Scenario Faced

Darren liked the idea of learning to invest.  He also wanted to share the knowledge with his community.


Solution that We Used to Solve the Scenario:

Darren invested his time into the Investor Ready Bundle which comprises of the Investor Ready Silver and Investor Ready Gold Videos. These are the results that he received from the training:

  • Able to buy, sell, and hold stock.
  • Able to evaluate stock using its financials.
  • Able to handle most situations that he'll encounter while investing in the stock market.


Customer’s Feedback:

I have known Anthony for a few years and he is very knowledgeable in the stock market.  He has given me some great tips and I have shared the information with other friends and colleagues.

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