Meet Charlinda: Investor Ready Case Study

Charlinda Anthony Financial IQ Rice Case Study

Client Bio and Overview:

Charlinda is a Maryland based Certified Public Accountant with a background of finance and professional history of evaluating financial health of banks for the FDIC headquartered in Washington, DC.

Scenario Faced:

Although Charlinda has an extensive background in personal finance and guiding business owners to financial prosperity, she often lacked the time to conduct the necessary research in order to make educated stock buying decisions.

She also needed a simple-to-utilize breakdown of various stock market terms to rapidly become a savvy investor.

Solution that We Used to Solve the Scenario:

Charlinda invested her time into the Investor Ready Bundle videos which delivered the following results:

  • Understanding of stock market terms
  • Software requirements for stock market investing
  • Understanding the proper timing of stock market purchases related to dividends
  • Increased confidence in making purchases as an investor

Charlinda’s Feedback:

I found the Investor Ready Bundle videos to be very informative.  I was seeking information on how to buy individual stocks, and get an understanding of stock market vocabulary.  It gave me all the tools necessary to become a good investor.
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