Meet Alfonza: Investor Ready Case Study

Client Bio and Overview

Alphonza is a sales manager based in Maryland.


Scenario Faced

He had an intermediate knowledge of stock market investing, but he wanted to significantly improve.


How We Solved the Scenario

Since he already knew how to buy, sell, and hold stock, and had other key investment know how, he viewed the Stock Market Level Two Video.  He now is knowledgeable of what actions to take based on various stock prices, company financials and other stock data.


Alphonza’s Feedback:

“I’m definitey excited about  having viewed the Stock Market Level Two Video.  I was able to make over $5,000 by selling Netflix stock.”


Are you an intermediate investor who would like to make a significant leap in your knowlege of stock market investing?  Schedule your Investor Ready strategy call at the following link.