Meet Alexander: Investor Ready Case Study

Client Bio and Overview

Alexander is based in Pennsylvania, and is the owner of a trucking company.


Scenario Faced

He wanted to learn how to buy and sell stock, and leave an inheritance to his children.


Solution that We Used to Solve the Scenario:

Alexander invested his time into the Stock Market Level One curriculum video, which delivered the following results:

  • He is now able to buy, hold, and sell stock, independently, without having to call a broker; which allows him to save 90% to 100% in trading fees.
  • His children will now receive and inheritance from him, which they can give to their children, or cause that they promote.


Alexander’s Feedback:

I successfully completed the Stock Market Level One Webinar which is presented by Anthony Financial IQ Rice.  It is very educational and informative. The presentation was great. Furthermore, my children now have the opportunity to own a piece of a company. Thank you Anthony Financial IQ Rice!


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