Meet Chris H: Investor Ready Case Study

Chris H2

Client Bio and Overview

Chris Hughes, the owner and founder of The Root Of Love, is based in Washington, D. C.

Scenario faced:

Chris owned stock before she viewed the Investor Ready Gold Package Video, but she wanted to learn:

  • how to buy and sell stock confidently
  • trading strategies
  • how to analyze a company's financials

Solutions that We Used to Solve the Scenario:

Chris invested in the Investor Ready Gold Video Package where she was able to learn:

  • where to find great stock
  • how to analyze financial statements
  • intermediate to advanced trading strategies
  • how to determine the profitability of a trade, before she executed it.

Chris' feedback:

All of the things that I was curious about, pertaining to the stock market, I am able to execute those skills in the market place. I am able to invest with confidence. When I watch the news, listen to the radio, or meet with people in person, I understand all of the stock market investing terms and concepts.

And if I ever have any questions about the curriculum, all I have to do is email Anthony Financial IQ Rice, or occasionally text him, and he'll respond in 24 hours or less, for free. There are times when I'm able to speak with him by phone, or webinar, for free. I'm glad that I've selected this course!

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